• stress09

    Best Ways To Reduce Stress

    Stress has the solution within the word. Rest plus two syllables to spare. Yes...yes...It is a product of self-creation. For the stress, you have [...]
  • accept-button-on-touch-screen_M1fV9D9d

    Accepting Change

    I lost my water bottle. Change was bound to happen after that. I know it is really no big deal as it’s just a little thing – but I really [...]
  • stress11

    6 Steps To Stress Avoidance

    Anything taken too much is bad for the health, and the long term effects of stress are well documented, which is why it is such an important [...]
  • depression111

    A Cure For Depression

    Bet you were hoping that I was going to offer some magic pill that you could take to make it all better, well sorry, it doesn’t work like that. [...]
  • relax-note-showing-less-stress-and-tense_zkIx-rDd

    A More Practical Stress Management

    Stress is a person’s physical and mental response to environmental pressure. The body has a built in physical reaction to stressful events. When [...]
  • get-well

    A Funny Get Well Card Can Brighten Their Day

    It can be nerve-wracking and worrisome when a friend or family member is sick, injured, or undergoing surgery or a medical procedure. For adults, [...]
  • Panic Definition Magnifier Shows Trauma Stress And Hysteria

    Alternative Anxiety Therapies

    If you’ve been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, it is crucial for you to seek medical treatment. This is the first step to recovery. Anxiety [...]
  • Mexican red knee tarantula close-up

    All About Agoraphobia

    There are many different anxiety disorders a person could develop. These disorders are usually characterized by intense anxiety leading to panic [...]
  • dont-panic-note-means-no-panicking-or-relaxing_fJz7zHwu

    Anxiety self help

    No body has any fun with persisting anxiety problems. No body understands the your situation when you are suffering from anxiety until and unless [...]
  • stress_fyGzwkwO

    Anxiety and Depression

    There are times when we feel anxious and moody. So what? We all go through the same things from time to time, don’t we? Anxiety and depression [...]


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